Get that ‘back to school’ feeling about work? Maybe it’s time for a change

The start of the summer – wine-fuelled evenings in the garden, BBQs with friends – is exciting. But as it draws to a close, grown-ups can feel the same dread about returning to work that our kids feel about school. Here’s one way to alleviate it…

Does anyone else still get that ‘back to school’ feeling in September? I suppose it makes sense, as my daughter is now at school, but it’s actually never left me. In the same way that January is always a time to reflect on how I’d like to move forward, so is September.

I’ve been thinking about my ‘Becoming your own Boss‘ online course, and about the people who are signing up. It’s entirely women, mostly mums – though not all – who are ready for a career change. They want to work for themselves, have more flexibility, no more bossy bosses and to earn some decent dollar without having to beg for a promotion.

The biggest barrier for most of these women, in terms of ‘making the leap’ is confidence: is my business idea good enough? Will my job translate into a freelance career? Will I actually find clients/sell products? Will I earn enough to make it work?

So this course has a whole module focusing on confidence-building, alongside practical and creative exercises to get you thinking about what your business should be; what work will make you feel excited and fulfilled. Also, foolproof financial planning and the steps for getting started.

In case others get that ‘back to school’ feeling in September and are currently full of dread about returning to a job they hate after time with kids, or on holiday with friends, over the summer – I’ve decided to step in and offer another option.

Until 31st July, I’m offering £20 off my ‘Becoming your own Boss’ online course. So if you sign up before then, for just £75 you’ll have everything you need – tips, advice, loads of exercises – to plan your new business/freelance career.

You can work in your own time, no deadlines, moving slowly through the modules and end the summer feel fired up and ready to launch your new career. That’s sure to ease the ‘back to school/work’ fear, no?

Here’s more info about my Becoming your own Boss online course.