What bed should I get for my four-year-old?

Fed up with pulling her daughter back into bed each night after she’d fallen out, Annie Ridout started looking into beds that might be better suited to her daughter. Eventually she found one that solved this issue…

When my daughter turned three, she was still sleeping in a cot. My husband was concerned about this. He thought that if she transferred to a bed too late, she wouldn’t know how to sleep in it and would keep falling out. I was keen to keep her contained in her cot until she outgrew it.

A few months later, my husband won me over and we bought her a metal-framed bed that would extend as she grew. She liked it and it looked nice in the room but she didn’t seem to find it very comfortable. Wondering if the mattress might be too firm, we bought a topper.

She was still complaining about it being uncomfortable but we thought she might just need to get used to it. However, there was another issue: almost every night, she’d fall out of bed. I found myself going in multiple times each night to check whether she was tucked in or lying on the floor.

When I became pregnant, I was unable to lift her back in so easily. But also, it didn’t seem right that she was constantly falling out. We started looking into different beds. And then one morning, I had an email from Room to Grow, with an image of the beds they had on offer.

I responded, asking which bed might work for my four-year-old daughter and had a very helpful response, suggesting we get a bigger bed with sausage-shaped cushions on either side, to stop her from falling out, or a bar that could be pulled up.

We decided on the Jubilee single bed – a full-sized single bed that would see her through childhood and beyond – hoping that if it was simply bigger she might not need bars or cushions to keep her in. It came with a trundle that had a second mattress (great for when the sleepovers begin with her friends).

Room to Grow kindly sent us one to try. We put it together, made the bed and that night she eagerly got in and fell asleep quickly. The mattress is good quality – firm enough but not as hard as her last one. And the best thing about it? We’ve had it a month and she hasn’t fallen out once.

If you’re looking for a bed for your kid, have a look at these children’s beds from Room to Grow. And if you get stuck, send them a message and they’ll be able to help you choose.