The Early Hour mentor: Laura Alvarado, Tomato Tutors founder

Laura Alvarado launched holistic tutoring company Tomato Tutors while raising her young son as a single mum. She now owns a beautiful premises and runs amazing holiday camps, too. If you’d like Laura as your business mentor, have a read…

The Early Hour six-month mentoring scheme offers freelance mums, or women who’ve set up a business after having children, support from someone who is further along; a working mum who has overcome the first hurdles and is now in a position to offer guidance. This article explains who Laura Alvarado is, what she does and the support she’d be able to offer a mentee. If you’d like to apply to have Laura as your mentor, please read on for more information…

I am a 30-year-old mother of a five-year-old boy, I have been a single parent since pregnancy but recently started living together with my partner who has an eight-year-old boy. So I guess I’m on another motherhood journey as I learn about being a step-parent.

I live in North London and walk/cycle to work. I trained as an illustrator and printmaker and like to think I have a half decent eye for design. I love to be creative and hands-on with the work, and I’m constantly trying to streamline the admin part of my job so I can be moving around and interacting, rather than being behind a screen.

Last year we opened our first premises for Tomato Tutors, it’s a holistic education studio where we run pre-kindergarten Montessori sessions for 20months – four-year-olds, we have Montessori Forest school sessions, coding classes, STEAM Clubs and Science/Nature/Art/Craft Holiday camps.

We also have an agency for families and people who’d like private tutors to come to their homes. In the near future, we hope to get a book deal to share our knowledge with parents who want to raise their children in a holistic way, hopefully equipping them for our changing world.

I’d like to mentor someone who runs a business that provides a service, or who works with children. I could help people by advising on the backend systems: from billing to accounts, website and e-commerce. I’m also happy to help with client relations and how to recruit and look after staff. I would also love to help on the mindset side of things, as without my own mentor and counsellor I wouldn’t have begun to breakdown my own blocks that were hindering success and growth.

If you’d like a mentor – and think Laura could help you with your freelance work or small business – we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to Annie: by 5 August 2018, with ‘Laura Alvarado – mentor’ in the subject line and the following details…

• Your name

• The age of your kids (if you’re pregnant, so right at the beginning of motherhood, that’s fine too)

• Your field of work

• Website and social links, if you have them

• What stage you’re at, as a freelance mum (in no more than 100 words)

• What you’d like help with – the biggest challenges/opportunities (in no more than 100 words)

• Why you’d benefit from having a mentor (in no more than 100 words)

Laura will select one freelance mum to mentor for six months.

For more about Laura and Tomato Tutors, visit the website:, follow on Instagram: @tomatotutors, Facebook: @tomatotutors and Twitter: @tomatotutors.