The Early Hour mentor: Kim Palmer, founder of Clementine App

Kim Palmer, founder of Clementine app

Kim Palmer founded the amazing Clementine App (helping women to feel confident, calmer and get better sleep) alongside her day-job as strategy director at Wunderman, and while raising two young sons. If you’d like Kim as your mentor, read on…

The Early Hour six-month mentoring scheme offers freelance mums, or women who’ve set up a business after having children, support from someone who is further along; a working mum who has overcome the first hurdles and is now in a position to offer guidance. This article explains who Kim Palmer is, what she does and the support she’d be able to offer a mentee. If you’d like to apply to have Kim as your mentor, please read on for more information…

Kim has fifteen years of experience working in several marketing roles – product development, user experience, social, customer services, email marketing, proposition development and strategy. She has worked for big businesses (Lloyds TSB, Tesco), and smaller start-ups – covering banking, retail, digital entertainment and telecommunications.

Setting up Clementine – her app – from scratch, while looking after her four-year-old son and new baby, has taught Kim the following skills, which she could pass on to a mentee…

  • How to develop ideas and then work out a robust way of selecting the best idea to develop.
  • Developing a proposition and business model around an idea or existing products/services.
  • Creating a brand and story around the idea.
  • Developing the strategic direction and vision; prioritising what’s important to achieve success.
  • Defining what success will look like for your business and creating a plan to achieve this.
  • Writing a business plan.
  • Developing a content strategy that can be delivered across channels – email, social, website, podcast and mobile.
  • Networking – how to be visible in your business in a way that fits well with your story and feels natural.
  • People management and how to get the most from your team (if you have one but also those people who help you with your business e.g suppliers.
  • Work-life balance – this is a passion of mine and I’ve developed many tools and techniques to make mine as good as can be.
  • Personal coaching – eg overcoming fears, gremlins, working out how to leverage key stakeholders who can help you in your business, getting clear on your values and what’s holding you back.

If you’d like a mentor – and think Kim could help you with your freelance work or small business – we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to Annie: by 8 July 2018, with ‘Kim Palmer – mentor’ in the subject line and the following details…

• Your name

• The age of your kids (if you’re pregnant, so right at the beginning of motherhood, that’s fine too)

• Your field of work

• Website and social links, if you have them

• What stage you’re at, as a freelance mum (in no more than 100 words)

• What you’d like help with – the biggest challenges/opportunities (in no more than 100 words)

• Why you’d benefit from having a mentor (in no more than 100 words)

Kim will select one freelance mum to mentor for six months.

Find Kim on Instagram: @clementineappuk