Families of Instagram: Clemmie Telford, @clemmie_telford

“Our favourite family meal is … all of it! We are a family of foodies with ‘healthy’ appetites.” Clemmie Telford – mother-of-three, founder of Mother of All Lists blog and creative strategist – discusses home life, in Peckham, with her brood….

Clemmie Telford, 36, lives in Peckham with her husband and three kids: Bertie, five, Woody, three, Greta, three weeks and Derek – their sausage dog. She’s a creative strategist and blogger (Mother of All Lists)

Our mornings are … hectic. Having worked full time for the last couple of years, I naively assumed stay-at-home mums had an easy morning compared to battle the commuter trains. How wrong I was! The school run is WAY more intense and stressful!

I’d describe our house as … 
my happy place. Greta and Woody were both born here which makes me happy.

My kids mainly wear … monochrome! Though Bertie is starting to rebel and say he doesn’t like black.

I cope with clutter by … shoving it in a draw or in a cupboard. Isn’t that how everyone copes?!

Our favourite family meal is … all of it! We are a family of foodies with ‘healthy’ appetites.

I never leave the house without … Phone, water and currently: a small human. At only three weeks old, Greta is my constant companion.

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Having a child has made me … 
laugh more. My children make me laugh so much. They’ve also made me permanently late – which I hate!

I encourage creativity … 
by having a pretty excellent craft cupboard. Not that Bertie needs encouragement – that boy LOVES making/drawing/painting, it’s gorgeous to see (if a little messy).

I’ll never be able to part with … the bbhugme pregnancy pillow from Modern Nursery, it’s just so comfy.

Bedtime tends to be … A welcome relief. I LOVE my kids but that peace and quiet at the end of the day is SO welcome.

When all else fails we … get the snacks out!

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