Want to succeed in 2018? Here’s how to make your dreams come true

Success, to you, might mean earning £100k a year, growing your family or launching a new business. Whatever it is, it won’t happen unless you’re focused on it. Here’s how to visualise your future and make your dreams come true in 2018…

On New Year’s Eve each year, I sneak off with a notepad and create a visual representation of what I’d like the following year to look like. It might include family or career aspirations. Some of my goals are linked to health.

In 2015, I drew a fourth member of our family; a newborn baby. He was conceived the following spring and born earlier this year.

Last year I wrote a list of the publications I’d like to be published in, including Stylist and Red magazine. Both happened in the past few months.

Of course, I don’t always achieve everything I’ve listed. But if it’s not on there at all, it’s unlikely to happen. Because if you haven’t thought about it, and set your intention to make it happen, you won’t be working towards it.

The idea of the ‘universe giving back’ can sound a bit airy fairy. The universe can’t actually drop a tenner in your purse when you’re broke. But if you put your dreams out there, you’re actively making moves towards realising them.

You want a bigger house? You probably need more money. A higher salary. So once you’ve set your sights on that bigger house, perhaps you’ll be more likely to go for a promotion. Or you’ll work harder on the sales side of your business.

If you fancy setting down your intentions for the coming year, but you’re not sure where to start, I’ve been given some helpful pointers from life coach Nicky Raby

Grab a pad and pen, excuse yourself for 20 minutes, and spend some time answering these questions (in writing, sketches – whatever you prefer). When brainstorming, write all your ideas down; don’t worry about editing. You can refine it later. Sometimes we believe we can only live in an either/or situation – ie. be a present mum OR have a successful business. You can do both; getting clear on the detail is going to help you make a plan of action. 

What elements do you want to include in your career?
(Are you looking for a different direction, to learn new skills, additional responsibilities?)

How much do you need to earn?
(To support your family, pay the bills)

What do you want to earn?
(What yearly sum looks really exciting to you?)

Where does that money come from?
(Your job, business, creative work, that novel you’ve just written?)

How would you like to spend your time?
(What does the perfect day look like – how much family time, how much time working? Are you working at home, from an office, on a beach in Barbados?)

What are your values?
(The things that you believe are important in terms of life and work. Your priorities)

What is important to you?
(Earning a wedge? Spending more – or less – time with the kids?)

What creative projects would you like to make space for?
(Work aside, what else matters? Making a film, writing a book, learning to teach yoga, starting an art class?)

Where would you like to be living?
(Are you happy where you are, or do you dream of leaving the city for the countryside? Or vice versa…)

What does your home look like?
(In detail: from the outside, your bedroom, kitchen and living space, perhaps you have a studio at the end of the garden, or a massive garage and off-road parking)

Nicky Raby offers 1:1 sessions, online courses and workshops in central London, you can find out more details by following Nicky on Instagram: @nickyraby

We’d love to hear about your goals and dreams for the new year. Leave them in the comments below (and we can revisit them at the end of next year)…

Images from Designspiration