Princess Margaret’s morning routine in 1955? Bloody spiffing

Usually morning routines are divided into the people who favour a lie-in and those who are up at the crack of dawn for a 5-mile run. But Princess Margaret’s morning routine has shown us that there’s another (rather decadent) option…

When we talk of morning routines we should aspire to, there’s usually a mention of green smoothies, yoga or pilates, meditative thoughts of gratitude, chia seeds sprinkled on overnight oats and various other wholesome activities.

But then you hear about what the late Princess Margaret’s morning routine looked like when she was in her 20s, around 1955, and wonder if we’re all getting it a bit wrong…

According to an excerpt from Ma’am Darling by Craig Brown, the royal would routinely take breakfast in bed at 9am, followed by a couple of hours spent listening to the radio (still in bed), while reading the newspapers and chain-smoking. So a bit like a weekend morning before kids, so far.

She’d have a maid run a bath for her around 11am, followed by hair and make-up at her dressing table, and clean clothes to wear. Apparently princesses can’t wear the same dress twice in a row. But then why would they? It’s not them doing multiple laundry loads each day.

But here’s where it gets really jolly. At 12.30pm, Princess Margaret would ‘appear’ downstairs for a vodka pick-me-up. This would be followed by lunch at 1pm with her big sis, the Queen, served in an ‘informal manner from silver dishes’ – just like my lunch, really.

Oh, except that the Queen and Princess Margaret would each neck half a bottle of wine, every day at lunch, and then be served ‘half a dozen different varieties of native and Continental cheeses.’ It’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it.

Here’s the excerpt shared by Gareth Roberts on Twitter:

So, what d’you reckon: spinach smoothies and an hour of pilates – or vodka chasers followed by a cheese-rich lunch and a good ol’ chinwag with your sister? I know what I’d choose…

What would your ideal morning routine look like? Would it be along the same lines as Princess Margaret’s?