The Dad Diaries #5: William Head, Beautiful and the Feast

William Head, Beautiful and the Feast

William Head – dad-of-one and co-founder of Cornwall-based foodie business Beautiful and the Feast – talks about how fatherhood has changed him, for the better. It’s a rather lovely description of parenting…

The wonder of fatherhood

As a pretty dyslexic human being, I find it hard to explain most things with words, so trying to explain the complex mix of love, joy, pride and happiness that came with our son Kobe is rather tricky.

The most surprising aspect of becoming a father was how optimistic I became about everything. Kobe has a delightful smile that’s on his face most of the time. I think being around someone who is so stoked on everything all the time has a brilliant effect on your outlook on life.

After all, most things are pretty incredible, we just forget.

Watching your son grow up is so awesome, the first stage was really about supporting my partner Keda. But I’ve been waiting for this bit since Kobe was born. Now he can walk, high-five strangers and independently handle a large pasty. It means we can explore together, I can actually teach him things, we can learn together.

I’ve never been this happy.

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