Monday Morning Mantra: Laura Alvarado, Tomato Tutors

The founder of holistic education company Tomato Tutors, Laura Alvarado is all about positivity and mantras. She shares hers and we talk Mondays – and the working week – with a young son and a puppy to look after…

Laura Alvarado lives with her four-year-old son Jesse and their dog, Winston, in north London.

Monday Morning Mantra:
Focus on how you want to feel, not on what you want to achieve.

This is my chosen mantra as I find I easily get caught up with the endless list of tasks and it makes me anxious. When I try to focus on peace, my work-flow increases naturally and I don’t go around in circles.

What do you tend to be doing first thing on a Monday?
First thing on a Monday I am getting my four-year-old ready for nursery, feeding our seven-month-old puppy and mentally setting an agenda for the day. I drop Jesse off, do a little click of my heels and head off to meet my business partner, Beth, for our weekly Monday morning walk in the woods with Winston the pup.

How do you feel?
It can be one of two things – calm or stressed. I am getting better at working in a less rush-filled manner when I try to channel some of the grace that older women have. Although, sometimes I feel a mixture of angst and worry. Monday is our only full day when Beth and I get to work on the business and I always hope to use the day as efficiently and productively as I can. The time feels so precious in a sea of motherly duties.

What’s the first thing you do after getting out of bed?
Usually it is having a glass of water and then putting the radio on – Magic Soul or MiSoul.

Tell us about your work…
I run an organisation called Tomato Tutors. We provide holistic education – which means we run workshops and classes in everything from maths to meditation to coding. We host forest school sessions and work with parents as well as their children, showing them simple but valuable ways of supporting their learning. Our services are tailored around the individual needs of a family.

Where do you spend your working hours?
Up until recently, it has been from home and rented church halls. Last week we were given the keys to our new premises in North London. The space is currently being refurbished and will be open in September as our Holistic Education Studio.

What one thing would improve your Monday-Friday?
Having a personal chef.

What gets you through the week?
My daily walks in the woods with Winston.

If you could wake up anywhere next Monday, where would it be?
In Menorca, close to a little quiet bay with my family in a big villa where we all could eat a breakfast that lasted over two hours.