Monday Morning Mantra: Annie Ridout, the editor

Whether you’re off to work or staying at home with the kids, this positive mantra will give you a beginning-of-the-week boost and something to focus on. Today’s Monday Morning Mantra comes from the editor, Annie Ridout

The beginning of a new week can sometimes feel daunting… what am I meant to be doing today? What do I have planned for the week? In fact, what am I doing with my life?? 

I work from home – when my children nap and in the evenings when they’re in bed – and I’m usually ok with my own company but every now and again, I’d love a colleague to share ideas with.

So here is me sharing my plan for the week… to dream BIG. That means listing all the things I’d like to achieve in my wildest dreams, and believing that it is all going to happen.

One person’s dreams are another person’s reality; so set your eyes on a goal  – whether it’s to make £1 million in a year, to become prime minister or just to get through the week without losing your rag – and work towards making your dreams a reality.

What’s your Monday Morning Mantra? Let us know in the comment section below, on social media using the hashtag #mondaymorningmantra or if you’d like to be featured sharing yours on The Early Hour, email me: Look forward to hearing from you…