Families of Instagram #40: @claraivy

“Jackson wears Luna’s old clothes mixed with a lot of lovely hand-me-downs from friends. Yes, he wears a lot of pink! Boys in pink make my heart happy.” Brighton-based mum-of-two and graphic designer Clara Spencer-Philips (@claraivy) on family life…

Clara Spencer-Philips (@claraivy), 33, lives in Brighton with her partner Joe and their two children: Luna, three, Jackson, eight months. She’s a graphic designer for fashion, kids, retail, beauty, food and jewellery, and has an online shop – but is currently on maternity leave.

Our mornings are … slow and messy (the smallest one is baby led weaning!) with Lauren Laverne on 6 music to keep us company.

I’d describe our house as … sweet as a first house and it was great for two of us when we bought it in 2012. Four of us, however, is a squash. We are just in the process of buying a new one, not far from here, the process is as unrelaxing as our first house buying experience!

My kids mainly wear … When Luna was a baby I was very excited by the Bobo Choses brand direction and Beau Loves prints, etc. However, I have lost interest slightly due to lack of time and funds. Zara and a couple of special bits each season (some of which were mine as a child, some purchased from people who make it at home, during their children’s naps – shop small!) does just fine for Luna. Jackson wears Luna’s old clothes mixed with a lot of lovely hand-me-downs from friends. Yes, he wears a lot of pink! Boys in pink make my heart happy.

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I cope with clutter by … throwing or giving it all away. I’m brutal with this these days. If I don’t love it, it’s gone. Maybe in our new, bigger house I’ll be a bit more forgiving!

Our favourite family meal is … A couple of herb-heavy salads (I love dill and Anna Jones equally) and either some mature cheddar on sourdough toast or sweet potato, white bean and maple syrup quesadillas. Pretty simple, quick, healthy-ish and yummy.

I never leave the house without … wet wipes and my phone, generally stuffed in a Kanken.

When no one’s looking I … Sneak off to read my Kindle. Just finished The Lesser Bohemians (the 90’s in Camden. It struck a cord with me!) and now I can’t put down The Farm. Join our book club – @Lunaticbookclub.

Having a child has made me … Selfless, full of love, tired, busy and happy. I won’t go into detail about my permanently exasperated patience with the 3-year-old.

I encourage creativity … By insisting on spending money I don’t have on magazines. They are my guilty pleasure. Lunch Lady, Flow, Kinfolk, Frankie, The Gentle Woman.

I’ll never be able to part with … Not much really. I often think about giving everything away, buying a bike trailer, sticking both kids in it and cycling around Europe/Asia/further afield. My brother-in-law is currently doing this (minus any kids) and I have envy big time.

Bedtime tends to be … Pretty routine based. Bath, book, bed. Getting earlier and earlier. Luna used to go to bed at 9 when we were clueless first time parents. With Jackson it is more like 6.30!

When all else fails we … Turn the music up very loud and dance like idiots or call the grandparents! (Definitely our 4th emergency service).

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