What does a new mum ACTUALLY need?

flowers, riposte, chocolate

What springs to mind when you think of new mum presents – a cute baby grow, a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Well, we asked the mums themselves – and this is what they said they really needed after giving birth…

When our neighbour gave birth recently, we put together a little box of treats: artisan sourdough crackers, deli cheese, chutney, fancy biscuits, some locally brewed beer and a big bar of dark chocolate. All the essentials for the post-birth hibernation period.

A few months later, we returned home with a new baby and they dropped round a similar box for us. They said they’d enjoyed theirs so much, they decided to do the same. And it was lovely, because we’d never have splashed out on all these delicious bits for ourselves.

Another friend ordered us a hamper with scones, clotted cream, jam, fudge, flapjacks, beer and Kettle Chips. Again, such a treat sitting down with a load of delicious sweet and savoury food that you haven’t had to pick – or pay for – yourself. We’ve now decided that every new parent will get a homemade hamper. As have our neighbours.

But there were other things that made my life so much easier too – like a feeding pillow. And pillows in general – everywhere (behind my head, lower back, under each elbow). And everyone’s different, so I asked the Instagram community what they loved/ needed as a new mum. Here’s what they said…

“A constant supply of fizzy water (so thirsty!), tea and cake.”

“Chocolate Hobnobs and prunes.”

“I found the bbhugme has been brilliant [a feeding pillow]. It’s a very simple idea but works so well. I’ve been telling everyone about it.”


“A massage” [We recommend Home Spa London, if you’re based in the capital – massage in the comfort of your own home].

“Pillows. And also plenty of new, easy reads on the Kindle and a steady stream of my favourite old shows when I just needed to nurse and zone out.”

“Someone to take the baby for half an hour so you can actually kip.”

“A drinks bottle with a straw. You drink gallons of water while feeding and my baby had more than one glass of water thrown on him!”

“A slow cooker. Wish I’d had one. Easy way to make sure you have lots of warming, nourishing meals to hand.”

“A water bottle.”

“A meal delivery service / vouchers.”

“A Thermos mug.”

“Aside from biscuits, bottled water, porridge pots, hot water bottle and a mug with a lid.”

“All the chocolate. And 24-hour Netflix.”

“Elasticated trousers, tea, cake, a home hairdresser and a sling to be able to drink the tea and eat the cake at the same time.”

“A Caboo [baby sling]. Simple, easy, comfy and essential for getting ANYTHING done with two hands/ not breaking anything.”

So, there seems to be a general consensus that snacks are very important. What did you need as a new mum? We’d love to hear in the comment section below…