Families of Instagram #33: sashaisagirl

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Today we hear from Sasha Przybyla (@sashaisagirl on Instagram) who lives near San Francisco with her husband and young daughter, Ellie. She talks travel, blogging, eating out at the weekends and believing that “more is caught than taught” when it comes to parenting…

Sasha Przybyla, 30, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Richie, and 16-month-old daughter, Ellie. She recently quit her job to be a full time mom, blogger and part time small shop owner.

Our mornings are … slow. Ellie would wake us up early but we would stay in bed and play. Currently we’re into the game of finding Mommy’s ears, hair, nose, eyes and mouth.

I’d describe our house as … a tiny, cheerful space carefully curated with things that make us happy.

My daughter mainly wears … clothes from my shop, Starmilk.

I cope with clutter by … actively trying to simplify and learning to live with less things.

Our favourite family meal is … eating out together on the weekends. My husband often leaves early in the morning and works late, so we rarely get to have a meal together during the week.

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I never leave the house without … my baby. God forbid I forget her one day.

When no one’s looking I … watch makeup tutorials on Youtube to relax, even though I rarely wear makeup. It’s a weird addiction.

Having a child has made me … hyper-aware of my actions and what I’m teaching her, because “more is caught than taught”.

I encourage creativity … through traveling and being out in nature.  I always get so inspired by new environments, whether it’s a new city or getting out of the city and going to the mountains. Every time we travel, I can tell that Ellie is stimulated by how excited she is. She is always bouncing up and down in the carrier, pointing at things, and waving at strangers. I record these moments in photos, writing and videos that I sometimes post on my blog themilkywaylover.com. Hopefully, she can look back on these posts one day and fondly remember all our adventures together.

I’ll never be able to part with … nothing really, except my people.

Bedtime tends to be … the best time of the day. I’m cherishing these last times of nursing Ellie and holding her close while she falls asleep. I already miss this special bonding time between us.

When all else fails we … realize that we aren’t perfect but we tried our best. Then we open a bottle of wine.

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