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As a mother-of-four and co-founder of children’s clothing label Elfie London, Victoria Roper-Curzon (@victoriaropercurzon) is often working on the go. She talks being more maximalist than minimalist and acting as her children’s “unreliable PA” with Nell Card…

Victoria Roper-Curzon (@victoriaropercurzon) is one half of children’s clothing label, Elfie London. She lives in London and the New Forest with her husband, Peter, and four children: Elfie, nine, Ned, six, Mabel, three, and Iris, one.

Our mornings are … chaotic with four kids and a school run imminent.

I’d describe our house as … Cosy, colourful and lovely when tidy, which is rare! Really, I ought to describe it as a tip!

My kids mainly wear … Elfie London, of course! And my old vintage dresses and hand-me-downs. Luckily my eldest, Elfie who has just turned nine, is very girlie so she still  loves being in dresses and skirts.

I cope with clutter by … I don’t really. I’m a bit of a maximalist. I like clutter, but beautiful, tidy clutter.

Our favourite family meal is … Sunday roast. Luckily my husband is an amazing cook!

I never leave the house without … My phone. I’m always working on the go (I design the collections and run the business along with my partner and friend, Rebecca Guinness) or trying to answer my kids’ school emails and their playdate/party engagements. I’m their unreliable PA.

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When no one’s looking I … have a cheeky rolly.

Having a child has made me … a good time manager. I’m lucky that I have a job that I can work from home and fit around the kids but I have to make use of every minute I have spare.

I encourage creativity … We are lucky because we come from creative families on both sides so my kids are surrounded by it. My husband is a concert pianist and many of his siblings are either musicians or artists. My mother is also an artist (and a very hands-on grandmother).

I’ll never be able to part with … my family and friends. We don’t have anything very valuable or nothing that can’t be replaced. Most our stuff is old anyway and half broken so I often say if we got burgled, they would probably be doing us a favour!

Bedtime tends to be … an ongoing battle.

When all else fails we … switch on the TV.

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