Families of Instagram #28: motherlovinyogi

“Creativity is truly the force of life. If you aren’t creating, you’re dying.” Haley Bergsgaard (@motherlovinyogi) on driving around the mountains, having a penchant for mochas and treasuring her creative family life in Colorado… 

Haley Bergsgaard (motherlovinyogi), 26, lives in Nederland, Colorado, which is nestled up in the mountains just passed Boulder. She lives with her husband Travis, their two-year-old son Phoenix, new baby daughter Libby and puppy Sage. She’s a full time mum, writes for The District Of She magazine and loves taking photos.

Our mornings are … My favorite part of the day. I wake up first and have some alone time with coffee and our puppy Sage. I usually meditate, read and just get myself in the best feeling place to start the day. Then the boys wake up and I bring Trav coffee in bed. We spend a considerable amount of time in bed cuddling Phoenix and just talking before we get so hungry we have to get up. Then Trav cooks the most amazing breakfast. He has a serious gift in the kitchen. These morning moments are some of my most fond memories with my guys.

My kid mainly wears … Jeans and t-shirts. That’s pretty much what we all wear. We are a denim family and I love it.

I cope with clutter by … Throwing it away. I am the opposite of a hoarder. Clutter is a legitimate fear of mine. Ok, that’s a little dramatic but I truly dislike clutter. Everything is energy and to me clutter is just stopped up energy. I can’t have that in my house. Everything has a place and so clutter is really just trash in my opinion.

I never leave the house without … My camera, phone, wedding ring (I only really wear it if I leave the house… not really sure why).

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When no one’s looking I … Dance and sing. I was totally meant to be a dancer. Growing up I was super into team sports because my parents were and most of my friends were too. But deep down I have always wanted to dance. I’m actually planning on taking some lessons.

I encourage creativity … ALWAYS. I’ve read a couple books recently about creativity and it is truly the force of life. If you aren’t creating, you’re dying. In our society we think that if we aren’t getting paid to do it, it’s a waste of time, so most adults stop painting, writing, singing, dancing, etc. I am an avid believe in creating something, anything, every single day. I write, craft for the decor in my house, take photos, and anything else that speaks to me. It’s so important.

I’ll never be able to part with … Mochas. It’s seriously my vice. But hey – everyone’s got one right?

When all else fails we … Get in the jeep and drive. Trav and I have spent SO much time in a jeep solving our world’s problems. We were taking drives every other day for a while. Something about going for a drive in the mountains is just the perfect cure for any negative feeling and a beautiful gift of clarity. I am just positive that Travis and I can solve any issue if we have a tank of gas and drivable weather.

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