5 quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

Forget to buy a Valentine’s Day present? Don’t worry – we’ve worked out five super easy but mega romantic gestures that you can arrange before your partner is up, using household items. They each take less than two minutes. 

1. Put a piece of toast in the toaster (it needn’t be sourdough – or anything fancy – I’ve used run-of-the-mill, ready-sliced wholegrain; the type that other people put in the freezer for emergencies but my husband chooses to eat every day). Once out – butter it, cut into a heart shape using a sharp kitchen knife and put on a red plate:

heart shaped toast

No red plate? Not a problem. Simple slather on strawberry jam and plonk it on any old plate:

heart shaped toast - jam

2. Are you the kind of person who doesn’t like sharing their meal in restaurants? You open a packet of crisps and feel rage when your boyfriend/girlfriend dips their hand in to take one out? Then this one’s for you. It’s really easy – you just (quickly and secretly) eat all the biscuits in the biscuit tin then offer to share the last one with your beau:

biscuit - theearlyhour.com

3. Remaining on the food theme, where can i buy ambien this one requires you to own at least one small child. If you do, you’ll probably have some rice cakes knocking about. Luckily for me, I had the nearly-red berry flavoured ones. Arrange them into an ‘I Love U’ shape – note the abbreviated ‘U’ instead of the full word, because you probably won’t have enough rice cakes/time to do it properly:

rice cake I love u - theearlyhour.com

Rice cake packet -theearlyhour.com

4. Get to the bathroom before your partner and wrap a love note around their toothbrush. This is sweet because not only have you written a secret message and put it somewhere hidden that they’ll definitely go – but also, because touching someone else’s stinking toothbrush is pretty gross so that’s a sign of true love:


The message could be romantic…

Toothbrush note 2

Or you could tell the truth (disguised in a romantic gesture)…

Toothbrush note 1

5. This last one is the simplest of all. You get his/her shoes, put them next to yours and utter the words: “we’re just meant to be together” (*puke*):

Shoes - theearlyhour.com

If you forgot the card, too, take one of your toddler’s ‘drawings’, add a heart and say it’s from the two of you:

Valentine's Day Card - theearlyhour.com