Family Travel: discover the volcanic landscapes of Sicily

If you’re looking for an adventurous family holiday (exploring live volcanoes, hiking, biking, adventure parks, horse riding swimming) – Sicily is the idea location. Especially in the summer months…

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As the largest Mediterranean island, located just off the toe of Italy’s boot, Sicily has the climate and landscape for the perfect holiday. Offering both adventure and relaxation in a family-oriented environment, it is the ideal destination for family travel.

Sicily boasts many outdoor activities – from relaxing by the seaside (during the summertime) to hiking, biking, adventure parks and horse riding. In the winter, you can bundle up and ski at Mount Etna: the tallest still-active volcano.

The island is a place of overwhelming natural beauty, made even more special by its volcanic nature. Sat on the eastern edge of ‘mainland’ Sicily, Mount Etna makes for an exciting day out. The kids will love exploring this volcano and its associated thermal activity. And for the adults: round off the morning by eating lunch with a beautiful panoramic view.

For more volcanic landscapes, you can also trek up to the craters on the isles of Stromboli and Vulcano on the UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands and look down into their smoking depths. On Stromboli, you can see the smoke and lava flow from the volcano, which has ‘erupted’ every 15 minutes since records began.

On Vulcano, your kids may wander over to play in one of the many mud pools. But you needn’t worry about the muck, as there are black sand beaches you can rinse off at before continuing on with your walk.

After adventurous days out, you can return to wonderful accommodation where you’ll feel relaxed and at home. There are many stunning luxury villas in Sicily to rent with swimming pools and other family-friendly amenities. Or if you’re looking for a more social setting, there are club holiday villages and hostels.

When travelling with children, be sure to note this on your accommodation request. Often, the accommodation will have special rates for families and singles with children – for instance, kids up to two-years-old won’t be charged and kids up to 12 years old will usually be charged at half rate.

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