New Motherhood, Once Again – A Poem

poetry on new motherhood for a second time mum

The editor, Annie Ridout, gave birth to a baby boy last week. In this poem she reflects on new motherhood – second time round – with a particular focus on extended family and the importance of their roles…

A time of great joy and elation – teamed with exhaustion and anxiety – new motherhood is wonderfully unpredictable at best and downright shocking, at worst. Whilst hibernating with her new family of four, Annie Ridout reflects on the importance of family, support and being grateful for the help you are given. 

New Motherhood, Once Again
A document of gratitude and love

The hood goes up; I’m a mother, again.
And it’s not just me whose role changes:
My mother’s a new grandma,
My daughter is now a sister,
My sister is an auntie anew.
My brother – an uncle,
My father a grandpa,
My husband’s a new father, too.

Life shifts and twists; I’m a mother, again.
And it reminds me of all that I have:
A mother who nurtures,
A daughter with such tenderness,
A sister who’s like my backbone.
A brother enamoured,
A father who dotes,
A husband who puts my needs before his own.

As I sit and reflect on being a mother, again.
I’m so grateful for all that I have:
A mother who is generous,
A daughter full of laughter,
A sister who will always give me time.
A brother cracking jokes,
A father eager and willing,
A husband whose ideals reflect mine.

Because becoming a mother; a mother, again –
Makes me feel somewhat vulnerable and in need:
Of my mother’s love,
Of my daughter’s forgiveness,
Of my sister protecting me.
Of my brother’s companionship,
Of my father’s rational thoughts,
Of my husband – with whom I’m safe and yet free.

by Annie Ridout ©

How have you found new motherhood the second time round? (Or third, fourth…). We’d love to hear in the comment section below…