Parenting: the unexpected moments of joy and misery

Parenthood is full of surprises; you may be shocked by your child’s behaviour one day, and amazed by how wonderful they are the next. We asked readers of The Early Hour to discuss the unexpected aspects of parenting – good and bad…

Parenting: who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Having a baby is a big deal; life changes in so many ways. At The Early Hour HQ we’ve been discussing the unexpected aspects of parenthood – both good and bad. The things that we have brought us joy, and those that have made us (secretly, just a little bit) want to hand the child back.

For instance, I didn’t take into account that I’d laugh so much, every single day, because of my daughter Joni. But equally, I had no idea that winters would be one long snotty nose (and never-ending coughing in the night). It’s bloody exhausting.

I wanted to find out what other parents were surprised by – both the brilliant; heart-warming aspects of parenting, and the shocking; tear-inducing (in a bad way) things. So I asked our brilliant Instagram friends to share their tales of love and woe. Here’s what they said…

On parenting…

@annaduley “My daughter Olive is 11 months old and hearing her giggle is amazing. It’s like a drug I can’t get enough of and would do anything for. It’s also a real game changer when you’re exhausted… a smile or giggle is amazing. She currently has her first cold, chesty cough and is teething – the amount of dribble/snot one tiny human can make is incredible; online pharmacy valium it’s never-ending.”

@doingitforthekids_ “I was surprised by how obvious their personalities are from such a young age! I’ve got a tenacious, funny, generally pretty chilled out 18-month-old with a bit of fiery temper. Hmmmm, sounds familiar actually…”.

@hana_spanna: “I never knew how frustrated babies can get when they are trying to learn something new. My son is trying to walk and he’s just learnt to crawl. Though it’s so amazing watching him pull himself up and he looks so proud of himself! But I’m struggling with head bangs and bumps at the moment – and trying to not excessively worry about every time he falls over, which is hard as I’m such a worrier!”

@lauren_c_davies: “The good is how amazing it feels to have someone gaze so sincerely into your eyes, with an open heart, like they are totally amazed by you. The bad is the suffocation of not feeling like you get a single minute to yourself any longer.”

@ccnancy: “Illness is a tough part, a cold that they just can’t shake off until they learn how to blow their noses! And trying to teach them makes me giggle in itself. The lovely bits: sudden little hugs out of nowhere, or a show of affection when they just want to snuggle up.”

@joannamaiden: “So many cuddles and ‘I love you Mama’. More time than I imagined dealing with (and talking about) poo.”

We’d love to hear about what’s surprised you – in a good or bad way – about parenting, so far – feel free to leave your comments below…