‘Christmas’ by French illustrator Serge Bloch

We asked award-winning Parisian-based illustrator – and creator of over 300 kids’ books – Serge Bloch what he thinks about Christmas. He responded visually, of course, with a series of sketches…

Serge Bloch has illustrated hundreds of books, produces editorial illustrations for newspapers around the world and has had his books turned into successful animated series. He lives between Paris and New York with his partner Mireille Vautier and they have two grown-up sons. We interviewed him last year all about being an artist, making children’s books and where he finds his inspiration. Here is his visual take on Christmas…

Serge Bloch, on Christmas

Serge Bloch - happy family

Serge Bloch - patience

Serge Bloch - Tree

Serge Bloch - happiness

Serge Bloch - big present

Serge Bloch - too small

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