Families of Instagram #18: happygreylucky

“I find that unstructured, child-directed play is so important for the imagination,” says stay-at-home mum and blogger Sina Duvinage (@happygreylucky). For more on her home life, raising two kids, read on…

Sina Duvinage (@happygreylucky on Instagram) lives in Toronto with her husband, Chris, and their two kids: Isabelle, three, and Nicolas, one. She runs lifestyle blog Happy Grey Lucky.

Our mornings are … Hectic. Making breakfast with a hungry one-year-old and then getting two kids fed and dressed whilst also trying to get ourselves showered and ready for the day always takes about three times longer than I think it should.

My kids mainly wear … Leggings and t-shirts. They have a closet full of beautiful baby and kids’ clothes but leggings and tees are just the easiest and most comfy for running around.

I cope with clutter by … Drinking wine. Just kidding. (Sort of). Being a stay-at-home mom of two whilst also blogging full-time means I just can’t stay on top of housework no matter how much the clutter bothers me. I just try and tidy up a bit every day and have my daughter help out with cleaning up her toys (we have a clean up song). But, I’m not going to lie, I have a lot of anxiety over the state of my house.

I never leave the house without … Sunglasses. Perfect to cover up those dark circles when I don’t have time to apply makeup.

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When no one’s looking I … Blast music and sing and dance around the house looking (and sounding) like a complete idiot.

I encourage creativity … By letting my kids play by themselves. I find that unstructured, child-directed play is so important for the imagination. I also encourage Isabelle to take her own photos (she has her own little camera) as a creative outlet and we have a little art table with blank paper and tons of markers and crayons that both kids love to use.

I’ll never be able to part with … My iPhone. As terrible as that sounds, I can’t go anywhere these days without it. Mainly for the camera but also for feeling connected to the outside world. Having a three- and one-year-old as your only source of conversation for most of the day can be pretty tough sometimes.

When all else fails we … Go outside. No matter how moody the kids are, fresh air always makes everyone feel better. We’re at our local park or playground almost every day.

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