Families of Instagram #9: Rebecca Raynham

With a one-year-old son who wakes up at 8am, it’s no wonder Rebecca Raynham (@rebecca.raynham) describes her mornings as calm and slow. For more on her family life in a small village in East Anglia, read on….

Rebecca Raynham, 27, lives in a small village in East Anglia, with her husband, Dan, and son, Alfred, one. She’s a lifestyle blogger, illustrator, designer and musician.

Our mornings are … Calm and slow. Alfred tends to wake up at about 8am at the moment and we spend the morning playing and then slowly eating breakfast. While he is eating, I will make myself a cup of tea and some food and relax for a few minutes, before doing jobs like the dishwasher.

It’s one of the good things about being self-employed… there is often no need to rush off anywhere in the morning, unless we are going out somewhere for the day.

Alfred mainly wears … T-shirts and leggings or jogging bottoms. I love all the high-end kids’ clothes, but Alfred is so active and much more comfortable in soft, stretchy clothes and there are so many fun designs out there these days.

I cope with clutter by … Having storage baskets everywhere and making sure the dining room table is as tidy as possible. Dan and I hate clutter and my brain feels disorganised when there is loads of mess about. We know the house is never going to look spotless with children about, but we tidy every day to keep on top of things.

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I never leave the house without … My keys, changing bag, purse and Vaseline.

When no one’s looking I … Do crazy contemporary dance in the kitchen.

I encourage creativity … by giving Alfred lots of opportunities to just play by himself in an unstructured way.

I’ll never be able to part with… my phone (as sad as that sounds). And my Vaseline.

When all else fails we … do an insane family dance and then laugh.

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