Morning sickness during pregnancy: natural cures

One of the bugbears of early pregnancy, morning sickness can strike in the early weeks and last well into the second (and even third) trimester. Oh – and ‘morning’ is a myth – it sometimes lasts all day. So, how can you ease the nausea?

We asked The Early Hour readers for their morning sickness cures – after all, the women on the ground (who are pregnant, or a mother to one, two, three+ kids) have been through it. As usual, you came back with some excellent advice for combatting pregnancy sickness using natural remedies.

How to Cope with Morning Sickness

  • If you feel like eating loads of carbs, do. Your body is craving them not only because they’re plain and won’t upset an already sensitive stomach but also because they’re easy to break down. So baked potatoes for dinner every night is absolutely fine. As are copious amounts of crackers throughout the day. And night, if necessary.
  • Ginger. Eat as much as you can manage, as it’s known to ease nausea. That could be fresh ginger in tea, a juice – like apple, carrot and ginger – ginger snap biscuits, if you’re on the go or lemon and ginger teabags if you’re working in an office.
  • Sleep. You’re buy diovan without a prescription probably feeling completely exhausted (through the first and third trimesters anyway; hopefully you’ll have some respite in that golden middle trimester). And this will only add to the sickness if you don’t listen to your body and get some much needed rest. This is harder if you’re working full time away from home but make sure you get really early nights. And if there’s an opportunity to nap in the day time, take it.
  • Homeopathy and acupuncture have been used to cure morning sickness. Whether you’re in to alternative therapies or not, it might be worth a try – particularly acupuncture which has proven results and is now prescribed on the NHS.
  • Then, of course, there are the less obvious (and sometimes less healthy) foods that you might crave. And it’s important to go with your body. So what did The Early Hour readers reach for in a desperate bid to ease their sickness? Salt and vinegar crisps, danish pastries, Lucozade, sliced tomatoes on toast, Hula Hoops, ham and salad baguettes.

Did you suffer with morning sickness? What helped you – did you have a favourite food, or a therapy that worked? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below…