Early Pregnancy: Dressing to Disguise the Bump

In the UK, we tend to refrain from announcing a pregnancy before hitting the 12-week mark. So if you’re trying to hide a burgeoning early pregnancy bump under clothes, here are some clever ways to disguise it…

For some, a bump will appear as early as eight weeks. Especially if it’s the second baby. But early pregnancy is a sensitive time, when many women like to keep it secret that they’ve conceived – until they’ve had the 12-week scan that confirms the pregnancy is healthy.

So, if you’re in the early stages of pregnancy but can feel your waist thickening – or bump emerging – and want to keep it quiet, here are some comfy, cool maternity clothes that you’ll be able to wear without revealing your new status as PREGNANT.

Clothes for early pregnancy

Clary and Peg Striped Cotton Jumpsuit

Clary and Peg jumpsuit - maternity clothes for early pregnancy - theearlyhour.com

Clary and Peg do beautiful vintage-style jumpsuits and dresses that can be worn during and after pregnancy. And they actually are cool enough to want to keep them in your wardrobe once the bump has gone – proven by non pregnant women buying them too. This one comes in striped cotton (cream and navy) or navy linen. Team it with sandals in the summer, or leather lace-up boots and a thick knitted cardigan in the winter.

Striped cotton jumpsuit


ASOS Maternity Denim Smock Dress With Ruffle Hem

ASOS maternity clothes - early pregnancy - theearlyhour.com

This lightweight denim dress is great for both hot summers days (if we ever have any in the UK), or for cooler autumn weather – wear it with a nice pair of woollen tights and some knee-high leather boots. It zips up at the back and is nicely fitted around the chest but loose under the waistline, allowing for plenty of expansion. It’s a bit of a steal at just £35…

ASOS denim dress


H&M MAMA Super Skinny Low Jeans

H&M maternity clothes - early pregnancy - theearlyhour.com

If you’re looking for jeans with a stretchy, elasticated waistband to allow for an expanding belly, H&M have lots of good options. During my first pregnancy, I lived in these charcoal skinny jeans, as they were smart enough for work. This time round, I work mostly from home so it’s not so important that I dress up but I just feel really comfortable in them (and they’re more flattering than others I tried on). The blouse is also from H&M – though not the maternity range.

Skinny jeans


What were your favourite clothes for early pregnancy? Did you stick to your old wardrobe or go forth and buy a load of new maternity gear? We’d love to hear your favourite brands in the comment section below…