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In this end-of-the-week roundup, we’ll give a brief introduction to this week’s articles on The Early Hour. So that all you busy people – juggling kids/ work/ relationships/ friendships/ all the rest – can catch up…

Been up to your eyeballs in work/parenting/both this week? Well then this is for you – a roundup of our midweek articles, condensed into digestible snippets (with images – because sometimes all we can manage is pictures). Have a read then if any of the stories take your fancy, you can click through to read the piece in full…

Morning Yoga Sequence to Start the Day

Morning Yoga Sequence - theearlyhour.com

Victoria Auton – a professional yoga and aerial yoga teacher; aromatherapist; reflexologist; deep tissue, thai and holistic masseuse; meditation instructor and hypnotherapist (and mother-of-two) – shares a 15-minute morning yoga routine for busy mums and dads…

She says:

“In the mornings, especially if we’re very tired, we tend to feel tighter in our muscles and stiffer in our joints. Therefore it is not always appropriate or possible for people to perform a strong sun salutation (traditional yoga sequence). It would be more beneficial and safer to wake the body up gently and mindfully.

This 15-minute routine is a simple and effective way to loosen up and let go of tired energy held in the body and mind. Starting the day feeling refreshed, alive, connected and clear.”

5 Family Holiday Essentials for an Easier Life

5 family holiday essentials - theearlyhour.com

Travelling with young children can be testing but the right preparation will alleviate at least some of the stress. If you’re going abroad this summer for your family holiday, there are five things that you can plan in advance to make everything a whole lot easier when it comes to the day of travel.

So to ensure your family holiday goes as smoothly as possible this summer, here are five family holiday essentials for an easier life… (You can thank us later…).

Newsletters: The Cool, Clever and Funny Ones

newsletters - theearlyhour.com

The internet is awash with hilarity/wisdom/trends/groundbreaking news. But where on earth do you start? With email newsletters, straight to your inbox, says Emma Barlow…

‘Surfing the net is not always conducive to proper reading and reflection. Even when you do happen across something that floats your boat, those 30 unread tweets or emails keep distracting you. So it’s lucky then, that newsletters are on the rise.

With newsletters, those stories, products or pictures that interest you most get distilled into one place and delivered straight to your inbox – giving you the space to read and digest. If that sounds like your bag then you’re in luck, I’ve rounded up some of the best…’

Read about the coolest, funniest and cleverest email newsletters here.

On my Mind in the Early Hours of the Morning

Morning thoughts - in the early hours - theearlyhour.comWhen you wake up in the early hours of the morning, unable to sleep for a rushing mind, what are you mulling over? We ask a new mum, a business owner, an office worker and a menopausal woman to share their early morning thoughts…

The New Mum says her first thoughts might be:

“Will he wake up soon. If he doesn’t wake up then I start thinking about what we still need to do to our house. When will we actually sort his room out, could I learn how to lay a patio. Would it be really difficult to do a herringbone brick patio. How can I convince my husband that it would be great to have higher planters surrounding the patio.”

Read more early hours thoughts here.

Happy weekend – have a good one!