Alternative Therapies: How They Can Work For You

Alternative therapies: where do they originate and who uses them? Lucy Tanner looks at both spiritual and non-spiritual therapies to work out why people turn down mainstream medicine in favour of these alternatives…

Alternative therapies are nothing new and in fact, they predate modern medicine as we know it. Whilst there is no basis in science, many people swear by it. Some say the positive effects are simply a placebo (eg. they come about due to positive thinking), whilst others truly believe in their physical power.

Regardless of whether you trust them or not, there’s no denying that there are those who really believe in such alternative therapies, and this is absolutely fine. Providing you’re not ignoring the advice of your doctor or other medical professional, you’re entitled to believe whatever you would like to get you through tough times. So, what are these? And how can they help you?

Spiritual Guidance
Spirituality and religious beliefs have been around for centuries, or even longer. Many religious people turn to prayer in times of need, or they consult the teachings of their leaders for help through the tough times. Of course, when you’re spiritual, it might be less about the presence of a higher power for you, and more about different energies that can improve your situation.

Some spiritual people believe in the power of talismans to improve health and promote healing; for example in dealing with crystals or learning to get in touch with their chakras. For a lot of people, however, spiritual or not, they like to believe that they have a guardian angel; someone to watch over them when times get hard.

What many people don’t know is that there are also said to be archangels, that are even more powerful than guardian angels themselves. This is because they are on a higher vibrational level. There are only two which are known by name, but perhaps the best and most famous example is the archangel Gabriel. His powers are said to be unlimited; and encourage help in a range of areas of life, from communication through to passion, strength, and your children. The good news is that apparently anyone can call on him.

Alternative Medicines
If you’re not into the belief of higher powers, there are other alternative therapies that you can try for your ailments. These range from homeopathy to Chinese medicine, and there are merits and downsides to each.

It should be noted that the NHS does not advise homeopathy as a standalone treatment, but treatments like acupuncture, on the other hand, are looked upon more favourably.

In fact, there have even been studies pointing to the fact that this form of therapy really does work. It really depends on how open minded you are willing to be with these things. They can be great to try for smaller conditions, or when all else has failed.

There are sceptics of everything, but this is often because people are not willing to open their minds to the benefits. Whilst alternative medicines may not find “cures”, they can offer hope to people suffering a range of ailments. This in itself is fantastic.

Written by Lucy Tanner