4 Hottest Interior Trends this Summer

Forget the spring clear-out, it’s all about a summer refresh. So we asked Alina Ghost – author of award-winning interiors blog Fairytale Pretty Picture – to share the four hottest interior trends right now…

Summer can be a great time to refresh your home decor because the glum weather of winter has passed and spring flew by like a robin that just drank Red Bull. Now, if you’re not sure where to start here’s some inspiration…

The four hottest home interior trends for 2016…

1. Pastel PerfectPastel interior trends - theearlyhour.comSoft lilacs, gorgeous greens and luscious yellows are always bang on trend during the warmer months. They create cheerful interiors that reflect our happy mood whilst the sunshine glares through the windows. Injecting the space with these subtle colours in clusters can be very effective and works best in all-white rooms.

2. Be Bold, Go Botanicalbotanical - interiors trends - theearlyhour.comThere’s no better time to add fresh plants into your home than in the summer. Not only will you feel better because of the injection of fresh air and a zen atmosphere, but plants offer a bold green colour that’ll complete your interior look.

Top Tip: Try adding a botanical pattern to compliment your natural additions for a fun finish.  

3. Made from Marble

marble chair - interior trends - theearlyhour.comIt’s luxury at the pinnacle of modernism. This is the crème de la crème of materials this season… the internet has erupted with the gorgeous patterns of luxurious marble tables, stands and silky surfaces. Don’t part with your fortune though. Look at alternatives, such as faux-marble stickers with which you can upcycle old furniture.

4. Mad for Moroccan

moroccan rugs - interior trends - theearlyhour.comMany of us can’t afford an exotic holiday so it’s no surprise that this trend has crept up to top four this summer. Add Moroccan patterns, materials and items to an eclectic home design. It’ll give the illusion of a foreign place that’s comforting to those who love travelling and experiencing new adventures. My favourite piece would be the Moroccan patterned rug that’ll fit perfectly into a modern space.

So, with four very different, yet appealing interior trends to choose from for your home, which will you choose this summer?

Main image credit: Alina Ghost

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