Festival clothes for kids: practical and fun

If you’re braving a music festival with the kids this summer, you’ll need to think about what clothes to pack for them. To make your life easier, we’ve picked out the best festival clothes for kids – fancy dress, as well as the practical stuff…

If you’re taking the kids to Glastonbury, Latitude, Bestival – or any of the other family-friendly festivals – this summer, you’ll need to pack some practical gear, as well as some fun stuff. So we’ve selected the best festival clothes for kids…

Festival clothes for kids #1

Slugs and Snails organic cotton tights

festival clothes for kids - tights - theearlyhour.com

These comfy, colourful cotton cloud and rainbow print tights will keep your kids warm without compromising on style.

€13.50 (£10.30)

Festival clothes for kids #2

Muddy Puddles wellies

festival clothes for kids - Muddy Puddles - theearlyhour.com

These bad boys are £8 down from £16 at the moment so get in there quick. It’s no longer enough to have navy or forest green wellies… oh no – you need bright yellow with a cool umbrella print. Durr.

Festival clothes for kids #3

Kigu Kids Penguin 

festival clothes for kids - Kids Kigu- theearlyhour.com

These animal suits, originally made for adults but now also available in kids’ sizes are brilliant for festivals. They’re warm, cosy, the easiest fancy dress on the block and (the best thing) they’re machine washable.


Festival clothes for kids #4

Mellow Yellow Angel’s Face tutu

festival clothes for kids - tutu - theearlyhour.com

We all have our opinions on tutus but for festivals, they really are quite fun. And cute. And not just for girls – little boys can rock out in a tutu too. At Glastonbury, there’s sure to be a whole load of male role models for them, as 20/30-something men seem to love flaunting their pins in tutus for one weekend only.


Festival clothes for kids #5

Muddy Puddles Pac-an-All-in-One

festival clothes for kids - waterproof by Muddy Puddles - theearlyhour.com

We all love the idea that the British music festival we attend will be beautifully hot, sunny and dry all weekend but the reality is that there’s almost always at least some rain. So go prepared with one of these brilliant all-in-ones.


Festival clothes for kids #6

What Mother Made african diamond print waxed coat

festival clothes for kids - african print coat by What Mother Made - theearlyhour.com

This african print waxed coat with teal green lining is not only warm – and so functional – but it is also the coolest jacket we’ve ever seen. And there’s no way you’ll lose a child if they’re sporting this.


Festival clothes for kids #7

Meri Meri pom pom slides

festival clothes for kids - pom poms - theearlyhour.com

Cheap, cheerful and the easiest way to turn a standard outfit into something rather jazzy. One of these on either side of the head will make your child stand out from the crowd, for sure.
 $7.00 (or £4.78)

Festival clothes for kids #8

Meri Meri cats ears and tail

festival gear - cats ears - theearlyhour.com

Teamed with a simple black outfit, these cats ears – with matching tail – will turn your child into a feline delight in no time at all. Good for storing in your backpack and pulling out as a tantrum starts to stir.
$16 (or £10.93)

Festival clothes for kids #9

Dot Tee by Nor-Folk

festival clothes for kids - nor-folk - theearlyhour.com

A simple, fresh t-shirt printed with a peach dot. This can be worn by girls, boys and their parents, as it’s available in adult sizes. Why not get one for every member of the family?


Festival clothes for kids #10

What Mother Made African print summer hat 

festival clothes for kids - sun hat - theearlyhour.com

Teamed with the What Mother Made diamond print jacket above, this hat is an absolute winner. And it’s not just crucial because it looks cool – the sun may actually come out at some point and it’s important to keep young people’s heads covered.

Festival clothes for kids #11

Glitter Wand by Numero 74 
kids' festival gear wand - theearlyhour.comMake magic with this sweet star-shaped wand. Apparently, with the correct spell, it can make two pints of cider appear within five minutes (you’ll just need to teach your child to loudly demand your drink of choice in front of your partner while waving the wand).
Do you know of any other great brands that make festival clothes for kids? Let us know in the comment section below…