A very early morning roundup

Sunday: day of rest. Yeah right! (If you’re a parent of youngsters). But hopefully you’ll get enough of a lie-in to read our very early morning roundup of the week’s top four articles. Then you can decide which ones to read in full…

And if you don’t get a lie-in, just slip off to the loo and spend a happy 10 minutes reading this very early morning roundup. Today, it features flexible working for parents, an interview with the writer and director of The Silent Storm (in cinemas this weekend), the poet James Massiah and 6 Ways to Find More Energy and Time. Let’s be honest – we all need a bit of that…

Very Early Morning article #1

Flexible Working for Parents: Does it Work?

Anna Hickey - flexible working - very early morning - theearlyhour.com

As managing director of media agency Maxus UK – and a 300-strong workforce – Anna Hickey has made it her mission to implement truly flexible working for parents.

And it’s not just talk. Under her instruction, a parental leave package has been created, offering 26 weeks of leave to both mums and dads, with six ‘emergency days’ – to be used when kids are ill/ have a school play.

What an inspiring woman. If every company did this, the world would surely be a better, more equal place. We spoke with Anna Hickey about gender equality in the workplace and being a woman at the top of her game

Very Early Morning article #2

James Massiah on Poetry, Family and Religion

James Massiah - poet - very early morning - theearlyhour.com

His first poetry recital was a church sermon delivered in rhyme. James Massiah is now being commissioned by the BBC, Tate and Nike and features in Young Blood: a new series of documentaries.

He lives in Mitcham, south London, with his parents who respect him as a poet and performer but would prefer if he got a ‘proper job’ with a reliable income and pension; like teaching. Doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon…

We talk poetry, parties, upbringing and religion with James Massiah.

Very Early Morning article #3

Filmmaker Corinna McFarlane on Life in a Forest

Corinna McFarlane - The Silent Storm - theearlyhour.com

The Silent Storm, in cinemas this weekend, stars Damian Lewis (Homeland) and Andrea Riseborough (Birdman). And we got to talk to the writer and director, Corinna McFarlane, about her theatre roots and living alone in a forest on the outskirts of Bristol.

McFarlane, 35, made her name in the film industry with critically acclaimed comedy documentary Three Miles North of Molkom in 2008 and has since been writing, exploring, researching and working hard to secure funding for her latest film. Read about her journey here.

Very Early Morning article #4

6 Ways to Find More Energy and Time

6 Ways to Get More Energy and Time - very early morning - theearlyhour.com

Do you sometimes wish you could press ‘pause’ on life to get a few things done? Well, transformational life and business coach for parent entrepreneurs Helen Packham has written an article for us on exactly that: how to find more time, more energy and to increase productivity…

You can have a read and then – with your newly-organised schedule – allocate yourself half an hour to read some of the other articles up on The Early Hour. Perfect.

Happy Sunday…

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