Early Doors: the week’s best 5am articles

If it’s early doors for you today, rather than lamenting bygone days of lie-ins and breakfast in bed, why not read these intros to our most popular articles of the week? Productivity, my friend, is the real spice of life…

Hopefully you’ve had a splendid weekend of doing loads of fun stuff, or very little – whatever makes you happy. Either way, it’s time to grab a cup of tea (or coffee), kick back and have a read of these introductions to the most popular articles of the week. You can then decide which ones to read in full…

Early Doors article #1

Misaki Kawai: Eternally Youthful Japanese Artist

Misaki Kawai - early doors - theearlyhour.com

In the most bonkers interview ever to have graced The Early Hour, we ask world-famous Japanese artist Misaki Kawai about her home, art practice and recent collaboration with Scandi brand Tiger.

With gems such as:

What was the first artwork you ever created?
Choco puff in my diaper.

…we decided to leave her answers unedited. If you’re up for a morning chuckle, have a read of this hilarious interview.

Early Doors article #2

Founder of a London Brewery on Beer and Babies

Estelle Theobalds - Canopy Beer Co Brewery - early doors - theearlyhour.com

What do you do if you have a two-year-old and a baby to look after while running your own brewery in south London’s Herne Hill? Why, you set up a cot amongst the barrels, of course. That’s what Estelle Theobalds did, and is one of the reasons we think she’s absolutely brilliant.

To hear about Estelle leaving a career in events and together with her husband, launching Canopy Beer Co – selling the most delicious beer in the whole of London. Maybe even the world – click here.

Early Doors article #3

Career Change: From Lawyer to Healthy Living

Mandy - career change - early doors - theearlyhour.com

Many of us go through periods where our career doesn’t feel right. We have a think, talk to some pals and then usually just stick it out. But not Amanda Attrell, who left her position as a partner at a law firm to start her own business.

She’d become stressed and anxious. “My mind racing with panicked thoughts – deadlines, targets, risk management and HR issues, constantly picturing the worst-case scenario,” she explains. So she quit her job, joined some others on a career-shifting workshop and found what she was looking for.

For inspiration, have a read.

Early Doors article #4

5 Feng Shui Tips For a Happier Home

Feng Shui - early doors - theearlyhour.com

If you’re not familiar with feng shui, it might sounds like something a little New Age but actually, this ancient system is reflected in many commonly known ‘house fix’ ideas, such as ‘spring cleaning’ or ‘decluttering’.

Based on ancient Chinese philosophies, feng shui is about creating harmony between people and their environments. And while some of the methods (like keeping the bathroom door closed because water represents money and you don’t want it to escape) are a little superstitious, others make perfect sense.

Here, we share five simple tips for making your home a happier place…

And that’s your lot. Have a lovely Sunday, and if you have any comments – good or bad – about The Early Hour, let us know in the comment section below, we’re always happy to hear from you…