5 feng shui tips for a happier home

Based on ancient Chinese philosophies, feng shui is about creating harmony between people and their environments. Here, we share five simple tips for making your home a happier place…

If you’re not familiar with feng shui, it might sounds like something a little New Age but actually, this ancient system is reflected in many commonly known ‘house fix’ ideas, such as ‘spring cleaning’ or ‘decluttering’.

Some of the methods (like keeping the bathroom door closed and toilet seat lid down because water represents money or finances and you don’t want it to escape) are a little superstitious.

But we’ve picked out five fairly non-superstitious methods, so have a go at rearranging your home to create a more harmonious, calm and happy environment. It really does work…

Feng shui tip #1

Open the windows and doors for 10 minutes a day

Obviously in the middle of winter or a horrendous rainstorm this isn’t practical but as we’re coming into summer it’s the perfect time to fling open the back doors, front door (if it’s safe) and all the windows.

Having fresh air flowing through the house removes stagnant energy, as well as (literally) blowing out the cobwebs. Do this for just 10 minutes each day and you’ll feel a noticeable shift in the energy of your home.

Feng shui tip #2

Have access to every drawer and cupboard

It’s important that you can open all cupboard doors and drawers without having to adjust something else. For instance, you shouldn’t need to push an armchair to one side to access the bookshelf, or to close the kitchen door to open the fridge.

Where space is an issue, you’ll need to be more imaginative but there are simple ways to avoid blocking spaces in. Like not having that armchair there in the first place. Or switching the hinges on the fridge so that it opens in the other direction.

Feng shui tip #3

Clean the windows and fix creaky floorboards

Going about your daily life, your home shouldn’t create any frustrations for you. So if there’s a creaky floorboard that you pass every time you go to the loo, tighten it up. Or if the windows have smudges that obstruct your view – clean them.

These fixes might seem minor but those moments of frustration every time you notice an imperfection can built up into something bigger. Fix it now, and avoid mounting fury.

Feng shui tip #4

The front door is important

Feng shui is all about the flow of energy, or ‘chi’, in, out and around the home. And so the entrance to your home is a big deal. It should never be blocked (by bikes/buggies/shoes) and having a nice doormat to welcome you in is good practise.

Entering your home, you should feel calm and happy. If there is something about getting into your house that causes you to feel annoyed (like a stiff lock, clutter up ahead or not being able to fully open the door) – fix it.

Feng shui tip #5

A mirror can change a room

Adding a mirror to a room can add more light, as it reflects it around the space. Light is of utmost importance in a home – it helps us to see and to think clearly. But traditionally, you shouldn’t hang it too close to the door as it will send the energy it creates straight back out onto the street.

Another little tip for happiness – using your mirror – is to look at your reflection each morning, smile, hold it for 10 seconds, let it drop and repeat three times. This will release endorphins (‘happy hormones’) – tricking your mind into thinking you’re happy, even if you don’t feel great.

What do you think of these feng shui ideas? Do you think you might like to give any of them a go? Do you have any of your own ideas? Let us know in the comment section below…

Photo credit: both images are by The Design Chaser