Misaki Kawai: Eternally Youthful Japanese Artist

In the most bonkers interview ever to have graced The Early Hour, we ask world-famous Japanese artist Misaki Kawai about her home, art practice and recent collaboration with Scandi brand Tiger. Here are her unedited answers…

Misaki Kawai is a Japanese-born, New York-based artist. She has exhibited all around the world – from MoMA PS1, New York to Malmö Konsthall, Sweden and Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. Though best known for her painting, she has also worked in paper maché, textile, books, photos, video, sound and silver foil.

Meet Misaki Kawai

How old are you?
My bones is 38 years old.

Where do you live and what’s your home like?
I live in the cave by Kiwi Beach. Panda is our neighbor.

Who do you share your home with?
My husband, baby Poko and fluffy guys.

What time are you up in the morning?

What wakes you up?
Baby Poko live show.

How do you feel?
I feel shiny.

What do you do first thing?
Clean my slippery tongue.

How might the rest of your day pan out?
Taking ride with magic carpet.

Animated Handle Skipping Rope £3 Misaki Kawai TIGER
Animated Handle Skipping Rope £3 Misaki Kawai TIGER

You are an artist but work in many forms and mediums… how do you describe yourself, professionally?
I play with paper, paint, fabric, rock, carrot etc.

Where did you grow up and what was your upbringing like?
I grow up in Osaka, Japan. It’s comedy town.

Misaki Kawai on her first ever creation

What was the first artwork you ever created?
Choco puff in my diaper.

When did you decide to make a career out of it?
When I was a little banana.

Where did you study, and what was your course?
I went to Kyoto college of art, visual design course.

In three words, describe your artistic style…
Fuzzy, juicy and bubbly style.

What is your studio like (smell, light, size, layout, colour…)?
Many yum yum oxygen. Please come and eat it.

Where do you find inspiration?
Mt. pom pom.

Do you ever have days when you don’t feel like creating, and if yes – what do you do instead?
It is important to be away from studio and travel!

Fox Backpack £6 Misaki Kawai TIGER 2701725
Fox Backpack £6 Misaki Kawai TIGER

How did the collaboration with Tiger come about?
Jacob Fabricius, who invited me to have exhibition at Malmö Konsthall in 2011, introduced us.

Do you enjoy collaborating, creatively, or do you prefer to work on solo projects?
It is fun to share idea and make things together with others. Also it is important to be solo to train my brain.

If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
On top of flamingo.

Any other comments?
Love from rice mountain!

Misaki Kawai has collaborated with Scandi brand Tiger on a collection of yoga mats, phone cases, homewares and backpacks, starting at just £1.