5am Read: A Roundup of the Week’s Best Articles

If you’re looking for a 5am read, we publish an article each morning for the early risers. But if you’re not up early or don’t have time for morning reading – this weekly introduction to the week’s top articles might suit you better…

Whether you’re up ridiculously early with kids, cold sweats, (hot sweats) or because you’re a meditating, green-smoothie-drinking yogi – our articles are for you. But we appreciate that you might not have time to visit The Early Hour every morning for a 5am read so each week we round up the week’s most read articles. You can then decide which ones to read in full…

5am Read #1

Dad of Four Daughters on Being Outnumbered

simon hooper - dad of four daughters - street - 5am read

This interview with Simon Hooper – about being a dad to four girls, including twin babies – clearly struck a chord, as it was our most viewed article EVER. Thousands flocked to the site to read about Simon’s relationship with Instagram’s favourite midwife – the author of Gas and Air blog, Clemmie Hooper – and his experience of being a dad to four girls.

What makes it so brilliant is his honesty. He talks about the home behind the Instagram facade, the challenges he faces working full time while helping to raise four kids and what it’s like having twins. It’s funny, moving and really quite beautiful when he talks about the respect he has for Clemmie and their relationship.

Have a read of our interview with dad of four daughters, Simon Hooper.

5am Read #2

Business: Turning Earth Founder Shares her Secrets

Tallie Maughan - Turning Earth - on business - theearlyhour.com

What does it take to set up a business? When should you call it a day? Is there any trait that every entrepreneur needs to succeed? We asked all this, and more, to the founder of hugely successful Turning Earth – “an open-access ceramics studio that works a bit like a gym: members pay per month” – Tallie Maughan.

Her answers about what the first steps are when you’ve decided to start a business, when you should expect to start seeing a profit, how she keeps herself motivated and five ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for setting up shop are incredibly helpful. If you’re looking to start a business, or already have but need a boost – THIS IS FOR YOU.

5am Read #3

5 Morning Habits of Entrepreneurs

morning habits of entrepreneurs - theearlyhour.com

At The Early Hour, we’re obsessed with – well, the early hours. So we love asking the business owners we interview about their morning habits. We like to know what time they get up, what they do first thing, how they feel and whether they’re most productive in the morning.

And we’ve found there are five morning habits that just keep popping up… like using an app, Pebble watch or daylight lamp to rise them from their slumber (that’s what PATTERNITY’s Anna Murray does, and freelance digital marketing consultant David Sayce). Lots of them also incorporate a strict exercise regime into their mornings.

Click through to read the morning habits of entrepreneurs like founder of Ella’s Kitchen Paul Lindley. Some of them are quite surprising…

5am Read #4

Nor-Folk: Where Work and Life Blend Effortlessly

Fiona Burrage - Bobby Burrage - Nor-Folk - theearlyhour.com

Fiona Burrage lives in the most wonderful, white-washed converted factory in Norwich with her husband – and business partner – Bobby, and their three-year-old son Stanley. After having Stanley, Fiona set up the brilliant, super-cool apparel, homewares and lifestyle brand Nor-Folk.

We asked Fiona how it is sharing a bed as well as a workbench (every day) with her husband, what she likes to do on the weekend, who looks after Stanley when they work and where she’d most like to wake up tomorrow. And we discovered she’s rather addicted to working… in a good way.

Have a read about Fiona Burrage and Nor-Folk here.

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