Early Morning Read: The Week’s Top Articles

An introduction to the most popular articles this week, including a series of interviews with competitive runners and Rudimental’s manager Henry Village on his school days. Perfect for early morning reading on a Sunday…

We hope you’ve had a productive, calm, creative week – and managed to tick all the important things off your list. But if keeping your head down has meant you’ve had less time for reading The Early Hour, never fear: this weekly digest brings you a snippet of the four most-read articles so that you can decide which ones to read in full…

Early morning read #1

1. Competitive Running: Why do People do it?

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As a runner herself, the editor Annie Ridout was interested to know what it is that motivates people to compete in races and marathons. But not just that: what is it that makes them want to track how far they’ve gone and how fast they got there?

So she interviewed Andrea Fraquelli who owns a group of restaurants and early on in his running realised he was battling an alcohol addition. He now competes in races rather than drinking and has been dry for two years. Next up: Guardian journalist Maeve Shearlaw, who has been running for five years – increasing the distance and pace over time.

Then Robert Smith, a general manager, who picked up running in his 40s, Emerald Street’s editor Mollie McGuigan who started got into competitive running to lose weight and to share a hobby with her boyfriend and lastly, copywriter Holly Wicks who found running helped with the pressure of dissertation-writing at university.

Have a read about what motivates these runners to compete in races, and what got them running in the first place

Early morning read #2

2. From Naughty Schoolboy to Rudimental’s Manager

Henry Village, Black Butter Records, Stakc House management, Rudimental's manager - theearlyhour.com

He’s manager of one of the hottest dance acts in the world – Rudimental – runs Black Butter Records and Stack House management, is putting on his second festival this summer and has his fingers in plenty of other music industry pies. But Henry Village had to work hard to get here.

He found school difficult, was interested in lessons that didn’t exist (like film) and found himself hanging out with the wrong people and doing the wrong things. He managed to scrape GCSEs so that he could get to college, then scrape A Levels so that he could get to university. But he soon realised the only way to get in to the music where can you buy valium industry was to go out there and work for it. So he did.

Read about Henry, his education and the advice he’ll give to his future children about whether or not to go to university

Early morning read #3

3. Kids’ Fashion Designer on Valuing Your Life

Kelly Ekardt - girlstalktoboys - kids' fashion - theearlyhour.comKelly Ekardt, mother-of-one and founder of kids’ clothing brand girlstalktoboys had a difficult start to motherhood. During pregnancy, she was taken to hospital with what she thought was a migraine but turned out to be a brain haemorrhage. She managed to give birth safely but when her daughter was four weeks old, she had to have a brain treatment followed by a form of radiation.

It sounds like a horror story, but Kelly recovered and decided that having come so close to the edge, she would now take life by the horns and set up a business – a dream she’d had for a while. So she did. And business is booming. Have a read of our interview with Kelly about dealing with her traumatic illness and setting up girlstalktoboys.

Early morning read #4

4. Morning People: Why do They Like Getting Up Early? 

Morning people - theearlyhour.comDo you consider yourself a ‘morning person’? What does that even mean? Well, we found a handful of people who choose to get up really early and asked what time they get up, why they get up so early (two of them are up at 4.30am) and what they do with the extra time.

Interestingly, some of them said they haven’t always been morning people. Tom, for instance, realised that putting his daily exercise regime at the beginning of the day rather than the end meant getting it out of the way and made him feel like he’d achieved something before the day had properly begun. So he rises early by choice. While Holland-based artist Laura Amiss has always liked early mornings – so gets up before her children (at 5.30am) and practices yoga in the quiet of the morning.

Read about Laura, Tom and three others who get up early. It will give you some reasons for getting up early and tips on how to spend the extra hours if you do…

Have a lovely Sunday. And, as ever, if you have anything to share with us – comments, feedback, your early morning habits or anything else – holla in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to respond…