Sunday morning read: the week’s top articles

If you’ve been busy and haven’t managed to visit The Early Hour, this digest makes for the perfect morning read. It introduces the four most read articles of the week so you can decide which ones to read in full…

On a Sunday morning, lying in bed with a cup of tea – or on the sofa while the kids watch Peppa Pig/amuse themselves in a more imaginative way – and having a read is such a treat. So hopefully this morning read will be the perfect companion to that (possibly now cold) cuppa…

1. From Tatler to Tantrum (a New Parenting App)

Lisa Williams - Tantrum - theearlyhour.comFollowing the birth of her baby boy Stanley, Lisa Williams felt she needed a chance of career. So instead of returning to her role as online editor for Tatlershe decided to join Shoreditch-based Tantrum – ‘a website for tech-savvy, design-conscious parents….part e-shop, part magazine’ – as their editor.

We talked with Lisa about maternity leave, which she found both very inspiring and very tough, saying: “it gave me that maniacal feeling of, ‘If I can do this, I can do anything.’” That’s what motivated her to take a leap; moving further into the tech world, where she’s pleased to be repping for the ladies.

Read about Lisa Williams and her views on women in tech, shared parental leave and remote working.

2. Paternity Leave: What’s SPL Like for the Dads?

paternity leave - shared parental leave -

The editor, Annie Ridout, walked into her local coffee shop, discovered two dads jiggling babes on their knees and couldn’t help but ask if they were full time dads (and taking advantage of the new shared parental leave (SPL) legislation.

They said they were, she got rather overexcited and the three of them discussed everything from what dads do on paternity leave (they often feel left out at ‘mum and baby’ groups) and how it’s affected their relationships with their babies, to what their employers thought. Apparently, men are being laughed out of the office when enquiring about SPL, hence the low uptake.

You can read about these two dads – and paternity leave/SPL in general – here.

3. An App to Help Separated Parents Avoid Court Hearings

separated parents - parenting - divorce - parentplan - theearlyhour.comDuring his years working as a barrister specialising in family law, Michael Edwards has seen separated parents waste money on needless court hearings time and time again. It could be over disputes like: who had the gym kit, where the handover was meant to take place, which parent was taking the kids to a birthday party.

Determined to help, he headed the design of a web-app called ParentPlan, which helps parents to log various activities, dates, times, locations and communicate more efficiently. The idea being that not only will it save money on legal fees, but it will also result in a more harmonious relationship, which is beneficial to all – including the children. Of course, it can also be used by parents who are still together.

Have a read about the thinking behind ParentPlan, how it works and Michael’s hopes for the web-app.

Perfect morning read? A LIST

4. Mother of All Lists for the 5am Club

Mother of all lists - Clemmie Telford -

Creative, blogger and mum-of-two Clemmie Telford loves writing lists. So much so, that she’s created an entire blog consisting of them, called Mother of All Lists (great name). We asked her to write one for The Early Hour all about the thoughts that go through her head when she’s up at 5am. She did, and it’s very funny.

Here are some examples:

  • Resist the temptation to send work emails. Nobody likes that person who has filled your inbox before breakfast.
  • Avoid calculating how much sleep I’ve had. I kicked that habit long ago. Nothing good to come of it.
  • Shove crackers in my children’s mouths. They want breakfast as soon as they wake. A few of crackers or breadsticks buy us a precious half an hour in bed.

Have a read of all Clemmie Telford’s 5am thoughts in her superbly scribed list.