The Key to Business Success in 2016

Three entrepreneurs with booming businesses – florist Gus Cavanagh, textile designers Safomasi and founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers Steph Douglas – share their top tips for success in 2016…

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Florist Gus Cavanagh, founder of Augustus Bloom, says:

“My new mantra for 2016 is get the job done, do it right and have fun whilst doing it.”

Steph Douglas -

Steph Douglas, founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers, says:

“Every single successful business owner I’ve spoken to has said this to me: “Stay Focused”. Before you even start a business it’s a really good idea to think about what success looks like for you – is it financial? Flexibility? Credibility? Taking over the world?

It’s different for everyone and sometimes it can all become a bit blurry when you have other people’s views coming at you, you’re having a wobble after a tough week or equally you feel like you’re flying because it’s going so well. Whatever it is for you will be different to someone else’s view of success.

If you’ve got it to look back on, it can help stop you making duff decisions. It can also help you to give yourself a little pat on the back when you realise that, if your objective wasn’t to take over the world, you might be closer to it than you think you are.”

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Sarah Fotheringham, co-founder of Safomasi, says:

“My top tip would be take the time to step back and map out your plan for the year ahead. It’s something we really struggle to find time to do as the day-to-day running of a business is so all-consuming and you constantly feel like you’re chasing your tail, but I think it can make such a difference to see the bigger picture and have a plan to focus on.”

Main photo credit: Taki Steve