After Snapchat: What App Will be Trending Next?

When it comes to the online world: where the teenagers go, the older generations will follow. So now that Snapchat has cemented its place as the next app to sweep millennials (and their parents) what will follow…?

A recent study by eMarketer revealed that Snapchat is no longer just for teenagers; it’s becoming increasingly popular amongst older generations, especially millennials. The report shows that by 2020, it’s expected that this group alone will have more than doubled in size.

There was significant user growth during 2015 in the 25-34-year-old group with almost 4 million millennials signing up, which pushed the total user base to over 15 million.

Even the older generation (those aged 45-54) are starting to use Snapchat with predictions showing an increase within the next four years to an estimated 4 million users.

So what other apps are going to follow suit? Here are some trending apps to keep an eye out for that aren’t just for teenagers anymore…


rawr - following on from Snapchat -

Launched last month, Rawr revolutionised instant messaging by putting completely unique avatars at the heart of every communication. The app allows you to design avatars that reflect your true style, interests and mannerisms.

It’s free-to-use and enables people can chat to each other by text and uniquely interact through hundreds of entertaining animations and expressions, communicating anything from a simple hello, to the more complex emotions of love and happiness  -using a simple hashtag.

Using the ‘Globetrotter’ function, Rawr is also promoting global conversation amongst people all over the world, transcending the language barrier. In fact, over 4 million conversations have now taken place.

Free to download on iTunes. Android version to be launched in July 


Musical.lymusicly - following Snapchat -

This platform allows you to create music videos with your favourite songs and share with friends. is one of the world’s fastest growing social networks around music and lifestyle, and has already reached the top 20 in Apple’s App Store.

The app has quietly grown to its popular status without any press. A recent study by Business Insider shows that 10 of the 60 teens they spoke with listed as the app they were most excited about and doubted adults would know about.

Free to download on iOS and Google Play


wishbone - following on from Snapchat -

Wishbone is a spin on the popular “Would you rather?” hypothetical question. You get a series of pop culture-based questions with two distinct choices twice a day, you vote, then see how your friends voted right after. Wishbone became somewhat of a viral teen phenomenon, and as of September last year and shortly after, it already had 3 million downloads.

Free to download on iOS and Google Play


Color Therapy 

colour therapy app - after Snapchat -

Colouring books have been hyped for the last year, not only among teens but also among adults. Color Therapy is taking this trend digital, and you can now find your stress-relieving colouring books on their app. An app for every age to love.

Free to download on iOS and Google Play

Color Therapy

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector 

neko atsume - the next Snapchat

The Japanese game ‘Neko Atsume’ is quite additive and numerous teens are obsessed with it. In October 2015, the English version of the game was released on the Android and iOS App stores. The game’s name literally translates as “cat collecting,” and that’s exactly what you do in this game. It’s easy to play, with nice graphics – and is quirky enough for all ages.

Free to download on iOS and Google Play

Neko Atsume

What app are you loving at the moment? Let us know in the comment section…